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Custom Sublimation Prints

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We Print, You Press!!!


1. The higher the quality/resolution of your design the better. Lower resolution images may end up looking grainy or pixelated when they are printed.
2. This pricing is for printing services ONLY. You are responsible for all designing aspects. Your image will be printed exactly as-is on the paper size of your choice.
3. Please keep in mind that there is no white ink so all spaces that are white will show transparent in your final product.
4. Prices are by the sheet so please feel free to put as many designs as you can fit per page.

5. You are responsible for successfully applying your sublimation print. If you are new to sublimation, this is a great way to start but please do your research on what materials can be used for sublimation.
6. When you receive your print, expect the color to look drab or kind of faded. This is totally normal and the colors activate with heat to become vibrant on your final product.
7. Your designs (whether you bought them or made them) are kept 100% confidential.

How to order:

1. Select your paper size and quantity
2. Add to cart and place your order
3. Email your print designs to (PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG) along with your order number